Vampire, Otherkin, Were/Therian Community Links



I believe in celebrating the differences we have in the community, instead of them causing division. And that the best way to grow is to empower our members to find their own path and seek those whom they think they could best learn from.

Hence this list.

Currently, there are talks of putting up single online resource for vampiric, kin, and were/therian folks and seekers to go to for answers and discussion. Since it’s still in the conceptual stage, I have temporarily gathered some links and info that could help people who may need them and host them here.

I took the liberty of using the descriptions provided in the sites of the respected groups and houses on here. Some were paraphrased. As of this version, there are only a few community houses listed here and I am looking to add more as there are certain things that only a local family can help with. People need that kind of support.

I envision the Community to be able to build linkages throughout and work together despite differences, as well as cross-refer the vamplings and newly awakened to each other according to where they would best receive the help they need.

More to come when we get more information. I might divide this list into sections when it has grown too long.


Beginning Psionics: A Psionics Training Manual
by Winged Wolf

Short Description: An introduction to psionics, which is the use of psychic abilities. Learn to develop your psychic senses and your ability to affect the world around you with these natural skills. A non-religious, practical information and training manual. Daily exercises, and fun psychic development games are included in this concise, 53-page book!

Being A Psychic Vampire
by Kate Gallwey

Short Description:  Everyone of us has needed attention and energy at sometime in our lives. It is not a bad thing unless it become an addiction or there is an inbuilt trait of lack and need. This is where the lines get blurry. My question was, what is the difference between an energy leach and an unawakened psychic vampire, and the answer is, not much. A desperate energy leach can get enough and move on, a psychic vampire has a larger problem, was the initial answer. A Journey into the very strange waters of vampires, that do not sparkle and the growing global community.

Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres
by Lady CG

Short Description: Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres is the first Handbook for the Modern Vampyre Communities. Filled with practical advice for those learning to cope with the early stages of vampyrism, through to Second Awakening, it is written with humour and compassion, in hopes of providing a light at the end of a dark tunnel for those of walking the dark path, often alone. Practical Vampyrism is the culmination of over 10 years of articles written for the online communities, in hope that a time will come when NO ONE has to go through the stages of Vampyrism alone.

Description: Exists in order to give support and guidance to those individuals who find themselves having to deal with the problems, instincts and desires, urges and needs that are characteristic of the condition commonly referred to as “vampirism.” Another purpose of this site is to bring the “vampiric community” closer together. To view Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page‘s Statements of Purpose, click here.

Site Owner:  Sanguinarius (RIP); Currently being run by Lady CG and

Sanguinarius Community Center
Description: A virtual community and information center in Second Life for real vampires, donors, otherkin and therians established by It offers a library with many articles in the bookcases. Contained are articles for, by and about real vampires, health and medical issues, psycho-emotional and spiritual matters, donors, seekers, otherkin and therian, magick and many more topics.  Second Life is an online virtual world accessed freely via Linden Lab’s own client programs, or via alternative Third Party Viewers. Second Life users (also called Residents) create virtual representations of themselves, called avatars and are able to interact with other avatars, places or objects. They can explore the world (known as the grid), meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, build, create, shop and trade virtual property and services with one another.

Second Life is a virtual world created by Linden Labs, which you can use to chat with others, build things, design fantasy clothing, buy and sell virtual objects, share information, own an island, dance in a club, listen to music or watch videos, talk to people from around the world, and so much more. You explore Second Life using a viewer; you can either use their official viewer or choose from a variety of third-party viewers (recommended) which provide muchbetter interfaces and experiences (and Linden Labs doesn’t mind, as long as the third-party viewer meets a minimum threshold of standards).

Second Life Program needs to be downloaded for it to run

Smokes and Mirrors
Description: A board established in 2002 as a resource for the Sanguinarian Community. Vampires of all types are welcome here, and we hope everyone will find something helpful, regardless of your feeding preferences.

Site Owner: Lady CG

SphynxCat’s Real Vampires Support Page


This is a support site by and for real vampires, those knowing someone who might be a real vampire, or even someone who’s wondering why there’s a real vampire website in the first place. Contained within the pages of this site is valuable support information for real vampires as well as an ever-growing collection of medical information to remind people not to ignore their health either.

Just remember, the world hasn’t really changed, only your perspective of it…


Each of you are free to decide for yourselves how you will live your life and, if desired, contribute to the vampiric community. Therefore, I have made a point of collecting articles representing various viewpoints – not just my own – throughout the community, in an effort to present a more balanced persepctive of real vampirism. This site is truly by and for real vampires, with articles, guides, an IRC channel and links to even more resources and ways to interact.Also included is a growing collection of valuable information based upon medical and scientific research to help promote awareness of both causes and mundane treatments for various issues, both those often incorrectly attributed to vampirism, and those caused by the real thing.


Kate’s Creations


I think therefore I create.

There is something I must follow through on and this blog is part of that. I am meant to be doing this as a marketing exercise, to sell my wares as a graphic designer…but stuff that! I create for myself! If you want something created for yourself, it may inspire me, I may say all right then…maybe?

On this place I am going to invoke my muse and flow with the Dragon Spirit of Creation. Yes, I am a mystic who has earned my living as a professional Oracle in the past. But I am so much more than ‘just for entertainment use only’. I present you information, I really don’t care what you do with it. IAMTHATIAMNOT  (lol…I am still trying to work out wtf that means as well)

Site Admin: Kate Gallwey

The Shadow Sage


I am DarkAngelDamien, or Damien Ferguson depending on where you know me from in the community!

I have been around the vampire, therian, otherkin and magic communities for many years. In those years I have learned a lot, asked a lot of questions and seen a lot I do not agree with. Most of that is the ego battles and knowledge that is restricted and all the secrets. I am going to change that.

Although what I write is what I know and whatnot. It is not the end all be all of knowledge. I still encourage those who find this to explore and ask questions and learn for themselves as well. This should just help them like a stepping stone.

I want the knowledge to be shared and available for those that need it. No longer in this day and age of information and technology should those who need the help be without the option of finding it. Thus this blog began. Although I may enjoy the shadows I am also not afraid to stand tall in the light and be a beacon to others. You can in my experience change the world more by being public, than you can from hiding yourself in the night.

Site Admin: Damien Ferguson, Kate Gallwey, Rei Tadashi


B.R.A.V.O BRitish Alliance of Vampire & Otherkin
Location: Great Britain, UK
Key Contact Persons: Kate Gallwey
FB Group Admins: Mark Thatch (Daywalker), Kate Gallwey, Helen Kalii Davidson
Facebook Group, Website

Description: BRAVO is an independent and autonomous organization operating within the British Vampire community, which consists of those who self-identify as Vampires and Otherkin and those who associate with them for their own personal reasons. Our organization is not accountable to anyone for any activity or decision it makes on behalf of its formal membership within the scope of applicable laws.

BRAVO performs thorough background checks on all members upon application, and there is no room within our organization for anyone with a criminal record for any activities relating to violent crimes, or crimes involving sexual abuse or other predatory behaviour.

Location: South Africa
Key Contact Persons: Octarine Valur
Website, SAVC Portal

Description: House Valur is a Vampyre family group based in South Africa. The House was founded on February 10, 2010 by Octarine Valur – founder of the South African Vampyre Community – and has played a dynamic role as the driving force behind the growth and development of the South African Vampyre subculture and community ever since.

As part of this drive to develop the SA VC, the House manages several projects, such as the Vampyre Culture Center, the Vampyre Academy, The Vampyre History Project and the South Africa Vampyre Alliance, among others.

“Valur” is an old Icelandic word for Gyrfalcon, a bird of prey, the largest of the falcon species. The House maxim “Occupo Nox Noctis” is Latin, which means “Occupy The Night”.

House Valur holds to the Totum Lex Vampyrica (Whole Vampyric Law), which was developed by HV itself. We do expect members to abide by the House Law as a condition of membership. The House also adheres to the principles and ethos set out in the Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community.

Location: Manchester, UK
Key Contact Persons: Sarah Smith and Darryl Smith
FB Group Amin: Sarah Smith and Darryl Smith and Ellen Garside

Description: We are  friendly, respectful, a safe haven and very radical in our aproach. We cover all aspects of the gothic and vampyre community and culture. We are pro active on the scene, we have weekly meetups, events and new friendships have been formed through this. What a new vamp would learn to find that we are open group and if any questions are raised we are only too willing to answer these questions giving the knowledge and dispelling the myths that surround both cultures. People come to our group to hang out and share views which are respected.

Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Key Contact Persons: Logan South, Daley Catherine, Tim Doyal, Alex
FB Group Admins: Logan South, Daley Catherine (VCA manages the online forum for the Vampire Community of Texas)
Facebook Group, Website

Description: The VCA, despite certain terminology used, is mostly democratic. Every Vampire in this city has a voice and a time and place for that voice to be heard. We have a Council that will deliberate in order to ensure the will of our people and keep our relationships strong. Our bonds are deep, our trust is always earned, and our motivations are always clear. We promote being open, being free, sharing community, understanding, family and the support of our home. Austin as a whole is our priority, we are not introverted and we wish to see good things happen for everyone in this city.

The VCA works as a whole out in the open to do good for the community with such acts as charity and volunteer work.


Awakened Otherkin

Description: All kin,vampires,weres welcome. Enter in peace or not at all.
This is a safe haven for those awakening, as well as those who wish to learn and grow in a supportive community environment. New or old, we are a rounded group here.

Admin: Damien Ferguson, Ninmuru Ferguson

A.V.O.W’s Phoenix Rising, the FB address for the Alliance of Vamps, Otherkin, Witches and other energy workers

Description: We created this group so that Vamps, Otherkin, Witches and other energy workers could have a place where they could ask about ideas that are new to them and find some much needed clarity on many different subjects. We Admins were tired of having to be judged by others as well as being treated with blatant disrespect by other members in different groups that we have belonged to, so 8yrs ago, we made our own. We refuse to take part in group wars and negativity within the community. It is our hopes to help promote peace and unity within our community of Otherkin, Vampyres and Witches.

Admin: Juanie Amador, Briessa Malferic, Lucian Nadredd Malferic, Melissa B Reed

Blood Only Vampires

Description: This group was made as a safe place for sangs/blood vampires to share knowledge, ideas and to meet others and have fun discussions with likeminded folk.

We ask that drama be kept out of it as much as possible and we focus on the community and information sharing aspect. Although somethings may be offtopic we will be focusing on blood practices, safety and other things relating to blood. We will also talk about and discuss other things seemingly related and unique to sangs/blood vampires. Lack of aging, healing, other attributes or abilities or oddities, etc.

This does not mean it has to be only full sang/blood only vampires. But we have a zero tolerance policy for bullshit or telling us to try other methods that will not work.

Admin: Damien Ferguson, Barbara Kammerer (Lady CG)


Description: A group for demonkin of all kinds who are willing to learn more about themselves in a supportive and encouraging environment. Members are encouraged to find their own paths with mutual help and sharing between members and guidance from the more experienced ones. Civil disagreements are welcome but fights are unacceptable.

Admin: Ninmuru Ferguson, Damien Ferguson

Living Vampire and Otherkin Q&A

Description: This is a group for people to ask questions from real living vampires and otherkin about their ways and community. All answers are the views of the person who speaks them only, and is not endorsed by the group as a whole. Debates are welcome, but pointless bickering isn’t. Name calling is not allowed and personal conflicts should be taken to privet message. Anyone caught cross posting from this group will be warned and perhaps removed from the group.

Admin: Deacon Gray, Sabastian DeCavalier, Magdalena Anya Rakoczy, Valiant Ferguson

Smokes and Mirrors Public

Description: Welcome to our attempt to bring the atmosphere of S&M to Facebook. We’ll be offering News, Teaching Class posts, Articles and Debates,
The rules are simple:

-Show respect
– debate can be spirited, but name calling and threats will not be tolerated.
-If you have an article you wish to post, please be sure its appropriate to our context and if you are not sure, please ask.
-This is a teaching and learning environment. Kindness and tolerance is expected. Remember, this is owned by a Canadian and runs more like the UN than American Congress.
-This is a safe place to ask questions. Bullying will not be tolerated. Persistant unkindness will get you punted.
– If a debate becomes too personal or too graphic for this public place, it will be moved to S&M private or S&M board, depending on the context. Please be aware that your posts may be copied from here to one of our other venues for your protection and privacy reasons.

Admin: Damien Ferguson, Barbara Kammerer (Lady CG), Newt Sandson, Donna Michelle Fernstrom, Kelsey Beland

The Middle Path

Description: The new forum for hybrid vampires to discuss issues related to being a hybrid.

Admin: Kelsey Beland

The Modern Vampiric and Otherkin Forum

Description: This is an open forum for donors, vampiric folk, and otherkin/therians. It is a place to meet like the forums of old. To chat, ask questions, find knowledge and make friends.

Admin: Damien Ferguson, Rei Tadashi

The Sanguinarian-Swan Support Alliance (SSSA)
SSSA Boards

Description: The Sanguinarian-Swan Support Alliance (SSSA) is a support and education resource for those in the community who identify as real vampires, self identifying vampires, black swans and donors. We are here to answer questions, provide fellowship, and offer support and encouragement without the mystical underpinnings of other vampire groups. We are especially focused on the newly awakened, those who are coming to terms with their vampiric nature, and those who are interested in donating their blood or prana. Harm reduction and safe practices are at the basis of our mission.

Admin: Emma Brown. Maureen Reifior

Vampire Community Boot Camp

Description:  As The Shadow Sage release articles about abilities and things, we felt it was right to have a place to practice it with folk on hand to help. Thus this group is about questions, learning and training. PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED. ANY caught doing anything WITHOUT consent will be dealt with HARSHLY.

Admin: Damien Ferguson and Rei Tadashi

Were-Therian Community

Description: This is a place where Weres and Therians can ask questions, discuss, and learn more about the animal within. We aim to provide a space where people with animal identities could receive support and/or simply hang-out with like minded folk. We welcome both newly the awakened, and old members.

Admin: Damien Ferguson, Rei Tadashi, Deacon Grey


Otherkin Artist Corner (18+)

Description: Struggling with a current project? Want inspiration, guidance, or opinions on your work? Care to brag about finishing that latest project that kept you up all night? Want to browse wonderful talent of all forms?
Then look no further! Feel free to share your art of all forms here! Keep in mind that this -is- an 18+ group, and mature subjects will be posted here.
All forms of art, regardless of talent, are welcome here! As long as it gets your creativity flowing, feel free to post it!

Admin: Leanna Beauchamp, Ya’andis Atrox, Nicolette Sandra James


Description: We who self-identify as vampiric people, and who adopt the name Vampi(y)re, recognize our need for community within the context of broader Human society, and our diversity, and hereby undertake to view all who, like us, identify as part of the Community of real living Human Vampi(y)res.

We stand united in cause and hope, for a greater spirit of Community, and do so in order to promote knowledge, understanding and awareness of the vampiric condition and those who experience it, both within and without the Vampi(y)re Community.” – The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community, Copyright of Belfazaar Ashantison, Deacon Gray, Octarine Valur, Zerochan and Wraiths © 2011 – present.

Admin: Amy Mah, Octarine Valur, Christina Engela, Lunah Valur Eir, Michelee Judkins, Gwendolen Valur Da Silva

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